IBM MaaS 360 with Watson™

Simplify the management and security of smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables and IoT

Unified endpoint security made easy

The promise of unified endpoint management (UEM) allows IT to manage smartphones, tablets, laptops and IoT devices from a single management console. However, you will need the smartest endpoint protection platform on the planet to increase operational efficiency, maximize data security and deliver on your digital transformation goals.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson™ delivers cognitive insights, contextual analytics, and cloud-sourced benchmarking capabilities to make sense of the mobile minutiae you encounter daily – while protecting your endpoints, users, apps, docs, and their data from one platform.

Secure all endpoints, end-users, and everything in between

IBM MaaS360 with Watson™ supports all major endpoint OS versions including: Apple iOS and macOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows – ranging from legacy Windows XP SP3 to the modern Windows 10.

Migrate from legacy PC platforms without further investments

By converging both API sets and agents, IBM MaaS360 with Watson™ UEM allows IT to manage both modern and legacy PC platforms side by side — effectively transitioning to Windows 10 without using separate solutions or investing in new tools.

IBM MaaS 360 with Watson™ key features

  • Compatibly with popular smartphone and notebook vendors

    IBM Maas 360 can control, deploy mobile applications on mobile devices(iOS, Android, Windows) as well on laptops with Apple OS X and Windows OS

  • Protected business application container

    Protected container is designed to protect business application and its data on mobile device in encypted container. Allows you to control clipboard between applications, to prevent data leakage between business and private applications

  • Connection management

    Centralized management of Wifi and VPN profiles on mobile devices: security policies, password and sessions timeout as well other requirements can be pushed to mobile device to comply with company requirements.

  • Wide range of integration options

    Solution integrates with IBM Domino, IBM Connections, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory and other popular systems

  • Device Centralized Management

    Applications needed for business pushed to device from Apple AppStore or Google Market. As well there is option to deploy inside company developed applications. Company can create its own store that has required and optional apps. Deployment is done centrally and from one console.

  • Micro VPN

    Protected and secure channel to access private (LAN) resources behind firewall on application level. It eliminates need for user to enable VPN on phone level. Only selected applications send traffic to LAN resources

  • Device features management

    Company can control which mobile device features are available, and which should be disabled. You can disable to create screen shots, use of camera, sharing of information to social networks and many others

  • Remote Access

    Remote access to device helps IT support to solve problems with mobile devices. Helpdesk can access device information data, as well see remote screen of mobile device to assist users

  • Health check of mobile device

    Jailbroken/rooted device detection, action on permission to access company resources. Since Jailbroken devices may contain harmfull code it is important to detect them before company data is stored on these devices

  • Device location and wiping

    If device is lost or stollen, it is possible to locate device, erase sensitive data, which is protected by PINs, passwords and encryption. If employee is leaving company then only company data is removed from device

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